• We commit ourselves to gather regularly as the local expression of the Body of Christ to participate in Pentecostal worship that exalts God, engages the heart, mind and soul, and challenges to deeper commitment and discipleship. This commitment will be demonstrated by:
  • • Assisting local churches in planning and preparing for meaningful, anointed worship.
  • • Equipping pastors and other worship leaders to lead authentically expressed, spiritually alive worship.
  • • Modeling varying styles and forms of worship that glorify God and encouraging outreach and service.
  • • Emphasizing the importance of Biblical stewardship and the centrality of God’s Word as elements of worship.
    (John 4:24; Psalm 29:2; Rom. 12:1; 1 Cor. 12:4-11; Isa. 58; Mat. 25:31-46)

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