Theme for 2022: “Anointed Children from Rooted Families”.


The ACOG Youth Department, with the support of the church conducts several events for the kids, youth and adults of the church.

Summer Series: During the summer the youth department conducts special series on a need basis. For example, in the past, a discipleship series for newly baptized believers has been conducted. A special series on the doctrines of the church has also been conducted in the past.

Saturday Meetings: Most Saturday nights there are meetings for the kids/youth either in form of regular sessions, special series or YPE. An example of the special series was the faith project series launched by the youth department and the Sunday School department for middle schoolers. This is a series that is aimed at helping these children cultivate the right outlook about God, enter a personal relationship with their Abba Father and to be grounded in the Word of God.

Baptism Classes: Baptism classes are conducted for the children taking baptism.

One to One Ministry: Several online/in person one-to-one sessions are conducted for the edification of the youth.

Marriage Preparatory Sessions: It is important that the youth marry the God ordained people in the God ordained manner. The youth department conducts multiple individual and small group sessions to teach the youth who are in the colleges about biblical principles of marriage so that they are prepared beforehand about this sacred aspect.

Premarital Sessions: Premarital classes are conducted by the youth department for the couples whose marriages have been fixed. Separate sessions are conducted for each couple. Each couple has 3-4 sessions.

Missions: Pr. Anil of the youth department leads the Satisfeed outreach project of the church. It gives the young children and the youth an opportunity to share the love of Christ with the community around us.

Socials: The youth department organizes socials like grill sessions, outings and bake sale.

One-to One Prayer Partnerships: The children and youth are encouraged to build prayer partnerships

Worship Team: The youth lead the worship during the Sunday English Service from 10-11am

Sunday Sermons: The Lord enables the sermon team to teach from the Word of God.

Seminars: The youth department conducts seminars for the children, youth and adults of the church.